Genetically-Matched Diet and Exercise Plans & Medication Recommendations for Prevention of Chronic Diseases

RxPREDiCT is a venture-backed Top 25 Genetics and AI Health & Wellness Solutions Provider that utilizes next-generation Genetics Research, Bioscience, Behavioral & Disease Progression Predictive AI Models to accurately identify “Rising Risk” patients in a population and deliver Highly Personalized, “Genetically Matched” Diet and Exercise Plans & Medication Recommendations for each patient and their provider to help prevent the onset and progression of chronic diseases e.g. Type 2 diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Stroke and related Co-Morbid conditions.

RxPREDiCT’s turnkey Patient-Centric (Genetically Matched) Health, Wellness, Diet, Lifestyle Solutions enable Patients, Providers, Payers and Employers to collaboratively identify those in a population who are ‘most likely’ to drive up Medical Resource Utilization and Healthcare Costs in the future and effectively deliver preventive diet, lifestyle & medications to improve health outcomes and lower the total cost of care.

RxPREDiCT’s suite of predictive and prescriptive & genetically-matched solutions are unique for each patient based on various (360) factors that result in chronic disease progression, onset and adverse outcomes, including each patient’s unique genetic makeup, family & medical history, disease risk, lifestyle & behavior and social determinants of health.

RxPREDiCT’s ensemble of machine learning models enables Employers, Providers, Payers, Pharmacy Benefit Managers and Food & Pharmacy Retailers deliver Proactive & Personalized Food & Exercise plans and Medication recommendations that are ‘genetically matched” to improve outcomes by accurately:

  • Identifying patients at Hidden & Rising Risk of Adverse Outcomes – “Who?”
  • Lowering the Total Cost of Care including Drug Costs through Prevention – “Why?”
  • Delivering Personalized Care including Genetically-Matched Meal & Exercise Plans for BMI reduction to Prevent Chronic Disease progression – “What?”
  • Improving Medication Effectiveness and Dosing for each targeted patient – “How & How Much?”


RxPREDiCT’s Prescriptive, Genetically-Matched Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle and Medication Effectiveness recommendations are delivered seamlessly using a variety of patient engagement tools including a secure HIPAA compliant patient portal and companion mobile phone for Meal Planning, Food Logging and Automated Grocery Shopping & Delivery.

Top Industry Leaders

RxPREDICT is working with top industry leading Employer Groups, Provider Networks, Payers and Food & Drug Retailers in delivering better health outcomes for patients at a lower cost through the advanced application of genetics, behavioral and bio sciences using machine learning, big data analytics. Learn More >>

Actionable Predictions

RxPREDICT isolates the most likely reasons why a patient is at rising risk to intervene appropriately.  If a patient is likely to become a high utilizer of medical resources due to genetic, behavioral, psycho-social, or lifestyle factors, these can be addressed effectively. Learn More >>

Integrated Provider Solutions

RxPREDiCT’s Prescriptive Solutions for Chronic Disease Prevention through BMI reduction can be integrated into Providers’ EMR and Care Coordination workflows to include personalized, genetically-matched  diet, exercise, and medications recommendations to lower each individual patient’s risk of adverse outcomes, healthcare & drug costs.  Learn More >>