Predictive Analytics & Prescriptive Diet, Exercise & Medication Recommendations for Prevention of Chronic Diseases

RxPREDiCT is a venture-backed “data-driven” Genetics and AI Health & Wellness Solutions Provider that utilizes next-generation Machine Learning, Bioscience, Behavioral & Disease Progression Predictive Models to accurately identify “Rising Risk” patients in a population and deliver highly personalized, targeted Diet, Exercise & Medication recommendations for each patient and their provider make effective lifestyle & care planning changes to prevent the onset and progression of chronic diseases e.g. Type 2 diabetes, Heart Disease and Stroke.

RxPREDiCT’s turnkey Patient-Centric Predictive & Prescriptive Health & Wellness Solutions enable Employers, Providers, Payers and Patients to collaboratively identify those in a population who are ‘most likely’ to drive up Medical Resource Utilization in the future and effectively target proactive, preventive interventions & medications to improve health outcomes and lower the total cost of care.

RxPREDiCT’s suite of predictive and prescriptive solutions are unique for each patient based on various (360) factors that result in chronic disease onset, progression and adverse outcomes, including each patient’s unique genetic makeup, family & medical history, disease risk, lifestyle & behavior and social determinants of health.

RxPREDiCT’s ensemble of machine learning models enables Employers, Providers, Payers, Pharmacy Benefit Managers and Food & Pharmacy retailers deliver targeted, proactive & personalized recommendations to improve outcomes by accurately:

  • Identifying patients at and conditions leading to Rising Risk of Adverse Outcomes – “Who?”
  • Targeting interventions for Proactive and Personalized Care to Prevent Chronic Diseases – “What?”
  • Improving Medication Effectiveness and Dosing for each targeted patient – “How & How Much?”
  • Lowering the Total Cost of Care from Prevention – “Why?”


RxPREDiCT’s Prescriptive diet, exercise, lifestyle and medication effectiveness recommendations are delivered seamlessly using a variety of patient engagement tools including mobile phones and apps, tablets and interactive portals.

Top Industry Leaders

RxPREDICT is working with top industry leaders in creating better health outcomes for patients at a lower cost through the advanced application of genetics, behavioral and bio sciences using machine learning, big data analytics. Learn More >>

Actionable Predictions

RxPREDICT isolates the most likely reason why a patient is at rising risk to intervene appropriately. If a patient is likely to become a high utilizer of medical resources due to genetic, behavioral, psycho-social, or lifestyle factors these can be addressed effectively. Learn More >>

Integrated Solutions

RxPREDiCT’s Prescriptive Solutions for Chronic Disease Prevention can be integrated into EMR and Care Coordination workflows to provide personalized diet, exercise, and medications recommendations to lower each individual patient’s risk of adverse outcomes and healthcare costs.  Learn More >>