RxPREDiCT’s innovations span across various areas that impact patient outcomes—Behavioral, Bioscience, Genetics, Medication, Nutrition, Activity & Social Determinants of Health, etc.— that are integrated to provide a 360 view and basis to predict and treat patient condition & progression.  Our Rx360 portfolio of comprehensive predictive analytics and prescriptive diet, exercise and medication recommendations for prevention of chronic diseases enables healthcare organizations and employers improve individual health outcomes and reduce medical and drug costs.

Highly rated Health Outcomes and Disease Progression AI Models help identify Rising Risk patients in a population! 

Simulate the impact of lifestyle & behavior changes on lowering the risk of costly adverse outcomes 

Provide Personalized Diet & Exercise Recommendations for Chronic Disease Prevention

Offer Precision Medicine service to improve Medication Effectiveness for each patient

Can be ordered directly from providers’ EMR using our workflow plug-in tool.

For more information email us at: info@rxpredict.com.