RxPREDiCT’s innovations span across various areas that impact patient outcomes—Behavioral, Bioscience, Genomics, Medication, Nutrition, Activity & Social Determinants of Health, etc.—that are integrated to provide a 360 view and basis to predict and treat patient condition & progression.

Prediction Capabilities Uncover Hidden Patterns and Provide Actionable Insights!

RxPREDiCT leverages the power of big data with machine learning models that reveal hidden patterns by continuously analyzing & learning trends from a variety of patient level data e.g. medical and pharmacy claims, diagnoses and procedures, medications, social determinants of health, diet & nutrition, activities of daily living, lab values and genetics.

Each patient is assigned a Comprehensive Risk Score with highly accurate probabilistic outcomes for each Disease Condition that pinpoints areas for proactive intervention.

Intervention Solutions

RxREACH, our comprehensive intervention solutions enables Providers, Pharmacists & Payers to collaboratively deliver targeted, proactive and highly personalized interventions through a variety of multi-modal options e.g. phone, text, email, and in-person consultations that are customized for each patient’s unique demographic, socio-economic, psychographic segment and personal preferences.

Low Cost 30-Day Implementation Program

RxTEST is a low fixed cost 30 day Implementation Program that allows clients to quickly and easily incorporate the best Predictive Healthcare Solutions in the industry into their Clinical and Care Management workflow. Our easy-to-use EMR plug ins allow Providers to view and act on Predictive Clinical Decision Support insights quickly.

For more information email us at: info@rxpredict.com.