MyRxDIET – Genetically Designed Personalized Nutrition & Exercise Plans for Effective Weight Loss

Personalized diet and lifestyle behavior for effective weight loss

RxPREDiCT provides Personalized Diet and Exercise recommendations for Effective Weight Loss from a simple, affordable, self-collectable buccal swab genetic test analyzes 42 unique genes and rates 16 unique traits of each person’s Weight Loss Ability based on how their body metabolizes macronutrients – carbohydrates, fats and proteins and burns and stores fat.  Our comprehensive MyRxDIET report includes recommendations on:

  • Specific foods to consume and foods to avoid
  • Genetically optimized 7-day meal and exercise for effective weight loss that are tailored to each individual’s unique genetic variants and obesity risk
  • Inherited vitamin and mineral tendencies
  • Insights on how the body responds to cardio and strength training exercises
  • Insulin and glucose response

MyRxNUTRIENTS provides insights on inherited vitamins & minerals tendencies and recommends supplements to overcome inherited deficiencies.

MyRxREACH is an online and mobile interactive platform that allows customers to plan, log, track, monitor daily activity from personal devices e.g. Fitbit, Apple Watch, etc. and progress against weight loss goals.  The platform also generates grocery lists using a database that contains 170,000 food items, recipes and various cardio and strength training exercises that can be used to customize personalized meal & exercise plans to accommodate individual preferences.