Who We Serve

RxPREDiCT Risk Lowering Patient Targeting and Care Coordination Recommender Solutions enable patients and consumers and their providers in a variety of healthcare related organizations e.g. Self-Insured Employer Plans, Third Party Benefit Administrators & Brokers, Integrated Delivery Networks, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Community Health Centers (CHCs & FQHCs), Payers, PBMs, Food & Pharmacy Networks achieve and continuously improve their Triple Aim goals and Preventive Care Services.

  • Employers – Improve the Health & Productivity of the Workforce, Lower Medical and Drug Cost Spend
  • Accountable Care Organizations – Achieve ROI Goals of ACO participants by targeting Rising Risk Patients and tailoring personalized interventions.
  • Community Health Centers & Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) – Improve Population Health & Manage Value-based Contracts by targeting and tailoring proactive interventions.
  • Providers – More effectively Plan and Manage Care for patients using existing workflow that is enhanced with Clinical Decision Support to include Rising Risk Prediction for each patient and disease condition.
  • PBMs – Enable PBMs to function more effectively as Medication Experts & “Gate Keepers” to improve medication therapy, effectiveness & adherence and lower drug costs at the individual patient level.
  • Pharmaceutical Companies – Improve the efficacy and effectiveness of their drug therapy management and marketing programs delivered at scale to patients who need it most.
  • Health Plans – Improve Actuarial Capability and Quality scores (e.g.. Star Ratings, HEDIS measures).